A Dream Come True

Lovestruck Cosmetics began its journey as a distant dream a few years ago. When two sisters, Aditi and Pragati, who loved lipsticks could never really afford good quality cosmetics as they were (and still are) exorbitantly priced. They decided that if they ever started something together, it would be cosmetics brand that gives high quality products at affordable prices. Fast forward to 2021, after facing a lot of challenges and overcoming various obstacles, they have successfully launched their own line — Lovestruck Cosmetics.

“It seemed impossible back then. But we made it happen. We both worked hard towards it and we made our shared dream come true.” – Aditi, the Cofounder

Lovestruck is proof that dreams can come true!

Quality without compromise

The vision of these two women is that everyone should be able to afford safe & harmless beauty products without having to compromise on quality and values. Lovestruck Cosmetics strives to develop products that are toxic-free and safe on the skin.

Beauty has no boundaries

Lovestruck Cosmetics is proud to be a brand that represents all races, genders, colors, and ages. Everyone should be able to look their best without prejudice or discrimination. As a brand, they support the freedom & pride to express your true self.