It’s been a year without our beloved get-togethers, travel adventures, weekend trips and night-outs.

We all were deprived of so many things which we loved to do.

While these changes had a depressing effect on all of us, we tried to find our joys in smallest of things. One of the things that did put a smile on our faces was new makeup trends.

Yes, we are talking about those dramatic hues, colourful lashes, bold makeup, that smoking bold red lip, perfect shaped brow, winged eyes and so much more. All of which we cannot wait for as we wait for the upcoming girl’s night out.

Sometimes, it is fun to get all dolled up and hit the road with your girl gang of best friends. And when you’re out with your gang, you need a girl’s night look that’s just as bold and fearless as your mood. Getting all dolled up is fun on its own, and the ones who go all out — like the red carpet diva — really go all out.

The night may end, but the memories last forever, after all.

Want to keep killing your diva look? We have some great ideas for you.
With a little black coal kohl and our bold lipstick, we’re here to help you upgrade your looks for that much awaited girl’s night out.


1. Get your glow on:

Dump your regular liquid foundation and switch to that dewy finish. Apply it with a beauty sponge, dab, and roll into the motions, and blend it out like a pro.


2. Go for heavy and winged eyeliner:

Get ready and be a badass diva that you are and whop some flirty lashes.

Choose that water-resistant volumizing mascara and start by applying it at the base of your lashes and gently sweeping it up.


3. Go for a matte base with blush and highlight:

Want to add some sparkles? We’ve got it covered with that show-stopper look for you. Just the right amount of blush and voila! It adds the right amount of drama to your look.


4. Make a statement with a bold lip color:

While red is our ladies’ go-to lipstick shade, why not step out of our comfort zone and try some new hues this time? Outline the lips with the lip liner first, then fill in your lips with those dramatic and fearless shades.


5. Play with your hair:

Give yourself some gorgeous waves for your girls’ night out or play with your ponytail a bit.

The next time you go out, we hope these ideas will help you amp it up and rock the night out. Remember, you look best when you are at your confident best.

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