Travelling was one of the best things for our relaxation, rejuvenation & for a change.
But when the COVID-19 pandemic shook our world, we were all restricted to our home environment only.
We had to bid adieu to all the traveling plans. That was indeed a bitter pill to swallow.
And especially for all those, who love traveling or trekking quite often.
It was a difficult year, but we somehow made it through.
And now, as the unlocking has begun, some of us can travel to the places that were in our plans for a while now.
Speaking about carrying a look, who doesn’t like to look great when they are traveling?
We all do. But sometimes, things can get messed up while traveling.
That is exactly why; Lovestruck recommends you carry your beauty essentials with you.
Maintaining your makeup while travelling can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you travel light. Not to mention the time we will end up spending in the sun.
Travel as much as you want, but it’s important to always take care of your skin, face and hair in order to look fresh, neat and fabulous, wherever you go.
With the right set of beauty essentials, you can not only look beautiful and feel confident about it but also achieve it without that extra baggage.
We did a small research and we came up with a few products that will easily fit in your bag and can help you have a versatile range of looks on the go.
1. Lipstick -The iconic and gleaming, little weapon which is in every woman’s handbag that possesses confidence like no other beauty product. The one best thing about lipstick is that it offers multiuse. The hidden gem of the makeup bag can also be used as a blush on your cheeks. You can also choose your favourite shade and buff it over the eyelids. Isn’t that amazing?  Check out some cool lip shades that will elevate your beauty throughout your vacation or trips.
2. Kohl Kajal – Any dull day can be energized with a single stroke of kohl to your eyes. Similar to lipstick, your kohl kajal can be of multi-use too. So instead of carrying multiple eye makeup kits, just carry your kohl kajal pencil and you can rock your trip with the all-time favourite smokey-eye look. The only versatile product that makes it as a most useful product to have with you during your travels. Don’t have one? Get one by clicking here.
3. Tinted Moisturizer and Sunscreen – While hitting the road, you don’t really have the time or energy for a full face of makeup. That’s where a tinted moisturizer can help to even out your complexion and give you a fresh-faced glow. And your sunscreen will protect you from the UV rays from unwanted tanning.
4. Makeup Remover Wipes + Micellar Water – If you’re packing light, carrying around makeup can be a bit of a pain but you still need to remove your makeup before falling asleep, every night. So now, instead of carrying a big kit of makeup removal products, all you need to pack are these Makeup Remover wipes and Micellar Water. Together they will be your saviour when it comes to getting rid of excess oil and dirt. And to ensure you get your beauty sleep without worrying about your skin.
5. Menstruation Cup/ Tampons – Be sure to pick up your Cup or Tampon prior to departing to avoid a similar period crisis!
6. Hand Sanitizer – Keep those unwanted germs away and always stay protected during your trip by having a travel-sized hand sanitizer readily available.
7. Medical and Toiletry Kit – You never know what might get into your way during your adventure, so have a Medical and Toiletry Kit on hand, just in case.
Collect these travel beauty essentials for your trip and never have a dull moment.
We hope we all get to enjoy and relive the traveling experiences very soon.


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