They say your eyes are the windows to your soul.
And when it comes to expressing any emotions, your eyes are undoubtedly your strongest assets.

When it comes to eye makeup, mastering the game can be quite an intimidating task. It takes commitment, dedication and lots of practice to get your blending right.

But once you get it right, all those years of hard work will be totally worth it.  And that is why, it is important to brush up your eye game.

Acing that flawless eye shadow game can be tricky as hell. Sure there are many hacks to make your life easy and help you conquer your eye makeup completely.

But when it comes to perfection, there are so many elements that need to be done right, in order to achieve that flawless look.

So to help you along the process from being a beginner to a Pro, we’ve assembled the ultimate list of eye shadow tips. Here’s everything you need to know:

Tip 1: Prep and Prime your lid.

Before you grab your brush, you need to be prime ready and ensure by prepping your eye lid.
It will help you create a clean canvas for you, and it is also a base for seamless bendability. All while ensuring that your eye shadow lasts all day, and remains crease-free.

Tip 2: Enhance that base.

Choose a neutral eye shadow shade that accentuates your skin tone and covers your lids with it to make a base for your eye makeup. Find colors that complement you and make your eye shadow shade pop up. For this step, you can use your favourite foundation too.

Tip 3: Know Your Eye Shape.

Determining the shape of your eyes is important, when you’re trying to ace that eye shadow game. While some hacks will work and look insane on one particular eye shape, it could be wasted on another. Knowing your eye shape helps you decide which shading technique is right for your specific features and plays up your natural beauty.

Tip 4: Apply the correct shade.

Finding the right eye shadow shades and colors that complement your eye colour is a great way to make your eyes pop. You might be excited to open an eye shadow palette and just have it all, but it’s important to know which sections correspond to each part of your eye.

Tip 5: Blend it out.

Blending is the important step in any makeup routine. Do not smear. Gently sweep your brush along your lid and blend that harsh lines. Blending your lids will give you a defined and a sharp look.

Tip 6: Wrap and clean up.

Finish your eye makeup with lots of mascara. After you’re done with your eye makeup, take a cotton stick and wipe off any smudges and clean up the lines to look sharper.

Tip 7: Set it with Setting Spray

And finally, ace that perfect look by holding the setting spray bottle at arm’s length from your face and spray it away.

And you are good to go, girl!

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