The eyes are a window to the soul, and lips are the framework for our personality.

Face reading is an age-old practice whose facts are difficult to accept yet at the same time brings out everyone’s attention. Nobody is identical; everybody is unique, yet our facial features reflect our inner self, or so they say.

Lips are the most prominent feature and have the power to express our emotions and feelings. The wide curves or dropping curves reveal our state of mind – that of happiness, sadness, anger, smirk, or a mere tease.

Well, not just the curves but the shape of your lips do reveal a lot about you, much more than you would imagine. Strange, isn’t it?

We know it isn’t easy to process, but it’s true! They might hold some clues about our personality.

Here’s what you do. Take some time and stop before the mirror and observe your lips. And then, identify the lip shape mentioned in this list and look for what’s your form.

You will surely be amazed by the description of each one.

So, come on, let’s read on and see if it reflects the truth about your personality. (Disclaimer: Read it for fun. Please do not take this too seriously but do let us know how close we were.)

Full lips:

You have an innate and strong maternal instinct and the desire to safeguard and protect other’s feelings. In any disturbing situation, you think about other people first. You are usually the responsible ones. (The world needs more people like you. Be proud.)

Heavy Upper Lips:

You are emotional, charismatic, and draw attention to yourself. You tend to have a high level of self-esteem and the ability to attract other people’s attention towards you. (And why not? Flaunt your charisma with panache. We love you.)

Heavy Lower Lips:

You are curious, sociable, and open to everything new that comes your way. You are the type of individual who front-rank others for a new experience. You are the kind of friend that everyone needs – don’t you think? (Sounds like a party person too. Are you?)

Ordinary lips:

You have the ability to listen to others and treat other’s opinions with respect. You are cautious in every situation and have a practical way of solving life’s problems, regardless of how difficult they are. (You are no ordinary person. You are one with extraordinary abilities. Right?)

Thin lips:

You are self-reliant and can cope with any problem that comes your way. If you have thin lips, you’re lucky as you have mind-blowing leadership qualities. You are focused on your goals, and you have a clear vision of what you want. (Are we talking to a leader here? You were born to rule the world. Come out of that closet, please.)

Small puffy lips:

You are coquettish and mischievous. You prioritize your own feelings of comfort. Although it seems selfish, but in the end, you are warm-hearted and loyal, and you always step up to help someone in need. (And that’s perfectly normal to do. We are with you on that.)

Heart-shaped Lips:

People with heart-shaped lips tend to be too strong and independent. Women or men who have such lips are glamourous and witty, and attractive. It attracts positive energy and a creative spirit. (No wonder when you blow a kiss, it’s hearts all the way! We love your glam quotient)

If you have read this blog till here and have compared your lip shape and personality, we are sure it must have brought a smile to your lips. And that was our main intention.

Well, no matter what your lip shape reveals about your personality or what does it say about you, don’t you ever forget each one of you is special, unique, and beautiful in your own way. You are born with your own special personality in your own special world. Love it with all your heart.

Always remember – Wear that beautiful smile on your face and lead your way with confidence. Nothing beats a gloomy day like your gleaming smile!

Be Bold, Be Beautiful and Be Love Struck!

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