Do you get nostalgic thinking about the times when you would flaunt your full makeup at all times, at all places you went, be it office, shopping, or simply visiting a friend?

Let us be honest, no matter where we step out lately, wearing a face mask or a protective face covering has become part of our daily routine, following the safety norms to fight against the pandemic.

With half our face covered with mask flaunting that “Oh so Wow!” makeup look is the last thing on our mind. However, while heading out to the office or doing some fun something when you get a chance to be outside of the house, it’s a fact that you’ll want different ways to reclaim your beauty look. You may feel disheartened while waving goodbye to that bold lips.

Still, apart from wearing fashionable face masks, your eye makeup is the best way to experiment with your beauty skills and boost your confidence to the next level even with that mask on. That’s why it is the perfect time to play with your eye area and get super creative with your makeup skills. Be it fluffy brows, shimmery eye shadow, funky or dramatic kohled eye look; you can still experiment and flaunt your makeup skills while staying safe and protected.

It is said that the right shades of love always strike the right notes!

Here are some great eye hacks that you can flaunt to enhance your eyes even with your mask on!

1. Brow play – Creating that strong and defined brow can help you lift your makeup and make you look attractive, and add a gorgeous frame to your eyes.

2. Lift up those lashes – You’d undoubtedly want to highlight those lashes while wearing a mask, as this is the area where people will look at you while talking to you. The perfect way to lift those lashes is to apply a kohl liner and lots of mascara. Well, you can try some false lashes too!

3. Go bold and dramatic with your eye shadow – Looking to go bold with your eye shadow? Then it’s time to amp up your eyes game since the bottom portion of your face is covered by a protective face mask. If you want to turn heads, you’ll need a funky and dramatic eye look. (Remember – avoid being tacky, or you could turn up looking like a clown. Please don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

4. Mix & match – Think outside the box and pick some fun face masks for inspiration; your makeup doesn’t need to be symmetrical. Just be creative with those looks and play with those bold colors. It will help you to enhance your look and make those heads turn. Try eyeshadows that go well with the colors of your face mask.

5. Just wing it – Bend those rules! Create a stroke or double wing it. Use your fingers and smudge those kohled eyes and bring that same vibrant energy up to your eyes.

Look around for inspiration on colors. Match it with your mood. Play it on your eyes.

Well! No matter what, life’s too short to follow the rules.

Now play with those vibrant colors on your eyes and take your eye makeup a notch higher with your creativity and skills.

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, and Be Love-Struck!

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